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Business Continuity Plan




SPP Capital recognizes the threats posed by both internal and external events upon its business and the resulting effect on its customers. A number of procedures and back-up systems are in place in order to protect those interests and to minimize inconvenience to our customers by facilitating effective business resumption/recovery.


In order to make a resumption/recovery possible under a broad range of circumstances, alternate business sites with redundant equipment and communications services have been established. This includes a local resumption site, apart from our corporate headquarters in New York City, New York, containing duplicate equipment, telecommunications services, and space for staff to perform critical business functions. A site in another state has also been contracted to provide additional systems operation facilities. In order to assure restoration of the most accurate information possible at these sites, regular and frequent backups of data are performed.


To assure that our corporate headquarters remains as free as possible from disruption, fire detection and suppression systems are installed to reduce the threat of fire. Electrical generators and uninterruptible power supplies keep critical equipment running in the event of a power failure. Security systems and personnel ensure that only authorized persons gain entry to the building. If a disruption to our business, building, or business district occurs which results in the loss of use of our regular facility for more than one business day, our goal is to resume business activities within 24 hours by switching our operations (including our regular telephone service) and staff to both the local resumption site and the remote site.


If a larger scale disruption occurs (such as a city-wide or regional disruption), our goal is to resume business activities within one week by re-establishing operations at another site such as one of our branch offices or at the facilities of a business associate.
In every scenario, our goal is to continue business during that time and to protect the assets of our customers.


Our business continuity plan is subject to modification. Updated summaries of the plan will be posted on our web site.
You can request written copy of our Business Continuity Plan by contacting our office at:


Compliance Officer
SPP Capital Partners, LLC
550 Fifth Avenue, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10036

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